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Bukti Negara summer study with Walter van den Broeke in San Salvo Italy. My two weeks in beautiful San Salvo started with the yearly Boot Camp arranged by Ottavio Tramonte. Ottavio leads the group of San Salvo at Matjan Academy. As a guest here it’s amazing to see how Ottavio has built up his school and leads his classes in a peaceful and balanced environment. With light colors, bamboo wood and a calm atmosphere so everybody can stay focused and train really hard. The groups variety also tells that people from every age, gender and form feels welcome and enjoy the classes together.

Back to the wonderful start of the Boot Camp at Villa Livia (Termoli) where the seminar was held. First day we focused on different motions of our Jurus and how to use them in an efficient and proper way. Marina 2By using the body mechanics correct with empty hand it felt natural to connect the principles with any kind of weapon, in this case with a kerambit. In my Filipino Martial Arts study which started in 1991, I’ve always strived to connect the weapons to empty hand without changing the movements to much. This system provide a very clear connections between empty hands and weapon supported by the knowledge of for example body mechanics. It adjusts and fits the way I believe our bodies are meant to move and gives us tools to generate power and speed into our techniques.

The second day Walter explained how entries and different drills are used for multiple attacks and always being aware of our surrounding and also the importance of our positon against potential attackers. In our mind our opponents are always better then ourselves which means we need to be objective and study our selves with clear and true eyes. With a beginners eye we always stay curious no matter how long we have trained. Even uncle Paul de Thouars said “I’m just a student with a certain kind of experience”.

The days alternated with training sessions in the gym, hanging out at the beach, enjoying nice food and wine together with the wonderful people here.

One of the last training sessions were held on the beach in the sunset. Marina 3It was magic. Not only for the amazing environment, it was the sweat, the dirt, the struggle, the smiles and that we all created a total mess with sand everywhere. Walter ended the class with his devastating techniques on the ground. Amazing how he moves so easily in the sand with such an impact on the opponents. The possibilities within the system are endless and it’s up to ourselves to improve our skills and strive for perfection. As in everything in life.

Thank you Ottavio and everyone at Matjan Academy, San Salvo Italy for your warm and kind welcome. Huge thanks to Walter for making it possible and always pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Marina Regnér
Kepala regu (group leader)
PDT Bukti Negara Gothenburg Sweden

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