Rome ColloseumPDT Bukti Negara Europe Seminar in Rome
July 23 & 24, 2016


On the fundaments of the once mighty empire of Rome a new solid foundation of PDT Bukti Negara Rome was laid last weekend. As once all roads led to Rome, an improved road is now connecting Rome to Bukti Negara Europe. Where quality stands over quantity!

Joining the BN Boot Camp of San Salvo group leader Ottavio Tramonte in June was a revelation to former instructors and group leaders of Mike Faraone’s Nair Silat Academy, Simone Mondello and Pasquale Cesaro. They experienced the skills and knowledge of Walter van den Broeke. A seasoned practitioner that has, as one of few, in-depth knowledge of the Pukulan, Serak and Pencak Silat aspects in the art.

Simone and Pasqualle organized a start-up seminar in Rome. For three days and over 10 hours of Rome training 2
training the focus was laid on the practical use of the motions from the Jurus and training drills.
As BN is developed as a system against multiple attackers, Walter showed them applications in an easy to understand format and clear for everybody by using the drills and forms as we train them. After all, the answer to every question will always be found in the Jurus.
It was an eye-opener to all participants how balance and timing beats force and strength. With the knowledge and proper use of body mechanics they found out this system is useful for everyone, against everyone.
A weekend of hard training, sweat and tears, but also laughter and joy! Where teacher and students trained and learned from each other. In mutual respect the building blocks on which Bukti Negara is based where shown and carved. Mutual respect for the Art and for each other. For the effort, the motivation and enthusiasm to share and learn.

Given the building blocks on which this unique system is founded, group Rome can now shape them into perfection to carve a solid path to further develop on.

Thank you very much Simone, Pasqualle and your families for the warm welcome! We enjoyed every moment and are honored by your trust, effort and motivation.

BN Europe will start its training group in Rome in September.
For more information contact Simone Mondello +39 3349969658 or Pasqualle Cesaro +39 3701292742

Groupphoto Rome seminar 2Groupphot seminar Rome 1









Angelique de Bruin
Coordinator management and communication
PDT Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara Europe

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