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Bukti Negara Bootcamp San Salvo
Our San Salvo BN groupleader, Ottavio Tramonte, had chosen a very beautiful place near the sea to hold our 3rd PDT Bootcamp. The view was overwhelming. Training on such a location is always inspiring! We welcomed people from different Italian cities: San Salvo, Vasto, Termoli, Pescara, Rome, and Asti. Our Swedish groupleader, Marina Regnér, was also present.

Topic of the Bootcamp was working with a kerambit according BN physics, angles and geometrics. Basic forms were showed empty handed, like Jurus and entries, and how these forms or applications would work with the use of a kerambit. After all when the understanding of the forms is there, handling weapons is an easy and natural step to make. “A Jurus is a motion of many motions” according to the late Uncle Paul de Thouars. So these motions are not bound by open hand applications only.
Along the seminar questions were asked when or how to show these movements against multiple attackers. As BN is developed as a system against multiples, these questions were answered and showed in an easy to understand format and clear for everybody by using the drills and forms as we train them. The answer to every question will always be found in the Jurus.

Examination Calon level

On the 23rd of June two students of the San Salvo group were examined on Calon level and succeeded. Our congratulations to Silvio de Fillippis and Gianmatteo Palmieri for their excellent performance. Gianmatteo is a very talented young guy, while Silvio worked hard for more than two years for his promotion. Good job guys!

Co-operation in Termoli
BN Europe is proud to announce that we had a first exploratory meeting to start a new group at IRON GYM (Facebook Page: Iron Gym) at Viao Rio Vivo in Termoli and one at Revolution Fitness in Vasto (FaceBook Page: Revolution Fitness). BN Europe will do it’s very best to support and guide these two new groups connected to Ottavio Tramonte.

Welcome RomeRome
Last but not least we are happy to welcome Simone Mondello, former instructor and Groupleader of Nair Silat Academy Rome, to Bukti Negara Europe. Pasquale Cesaro, one of the current instructors and Groupleader of Nair Silat Academy Rome, also joined Bukti Negara Europe. A very warm welcome to Pasquale as well. The weekend of 18th and 19th June have been a revelation to them. 4 Hours of seminar training every day and right after another 4 hours private training at Matjan Academy. Their enthusiasm was inspiring and they returned the weekend after for another 3 full days of private training in San Salvo. BN Europe will open a training group in Rome and the first seminar will be held on July 23 and 24. For more information contact Simone Mondello +39 3349969658

Another inspiring, sportive and productive bootcamp of Bukti Negara Europe.
Where quality stands over quantity.

Walter van den Broeke

Technical Director & Head European Branch
PDT Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara Europe

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