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We’ve just finished the fall 2016 seminar here in Milan and it’s time to look a bit back and see what the main topic of the weekend was.

The phrase that is still circulating in my mind is “if you want to build a solid house, you’ll need to have a strong foundation”.milan1

The first seminar day was about seeing and understanding how the Bukti Negara that we train nowadays is the combination of two Serak branches: Pukulan from oom Dolf de Vries and Permainan from oom Paul de Thouars. We learned how these two aspects can be combined towards the situation or personality/mentality of the student.

On the second day the foundation was still the topic, but in a different way: “what happens if you fall on the floor or you have to defend yourself from there?”
From a low position you also need to have strong foundations and apply the same principles that we train standing on our feet: timing, balance and flow, and a good amount of flexibility which is an attribute that can be developed with this type of training.

We as students see, every time we meet our trainer Walter van den Broeke, how much knowledge there is in Bukti Negara and how deep this wonderful art is.

Stefano Chiappella
Kepala Regu, Milan Italy

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