Be better than you were yesterday!

Your mind is your strongest weapon.
The 6th group leader convention was all about mentality and taking the tradition into the future.
Saturday our group leaders and assistents showed the best of their technical and mental skills on Calon and Murid level. It showed to the examinators, Oom Jelle Dezentje, Oom Don Kessing and the chairman of NPSF, Olivier Blancquaert, that our teacher Walter van den Broeke trains us to a high quality standard. As Oom Don Kessing said afterwards:
” Guru Jelle & Guru Walter may I thank you both from the bottom of my sportsheart for this wonderfull day. I have experienced a lot in my sportslife, but I can assure you that this was organised down to the last detail. So many Pesilats from so many countries brought together by you. **WITHOUT DISCORD**
Thank you, I have also learned something new today. Great regards to the many Dutch, Germans, Swedish, Scottish, English, Italian, Swiss, Belgiums who took the exams.
A beautiful Sunday tomorrow with further training.
Sincerely, Don Kessing,
K.A.Manyang Europa. D.S.(Dewan Sesupuh) N.P.S.F”
Furthermore he said: “I was pleasently suprised by the high standard of this examination. Even the first level, Calon, showed a high quality of technical skills. Walter trained you well!”

And here it is shown that your mind is your strongest weapon. That the right mentality forms the base of becoming a technical good martial artist. It is impressive to see experienced martial artist from different disciplines and different countries be so passionate about our beautiful fighting system. Dedicated to learn and develop further they set aside their ego and made the choice to start as a “beginner” again.
In Bukti Negara everyone starts as a beginner, whether you are Guru, Sensei, Guro, Shifu or a national champion in whatever style. Whether you are a Boxing teacher, the head of an Escrima school, a black belt in Jiu Jitsu or just new in the martial arts world, everyone starts his ‘journey of Pukulan Bukti Negara’ with the first exam: Calon; which means as much as ‘starting student’.

With over 27 years of Martial Arts experience and the longest student of Pukulan Bukti Negara, Dutch group leader Ronald Hartman pointed it out perfectly: ” I’m not a Guru, nor a Sensei, just a student. And I’m happy with that. If you are eager to learn and willing to improve yourself, you’ll be a student your entire life!”
This might scare people off about our style, you can leave your black belts and titles in your locker, because you start all over again. Your acquired status is parked and you are equal to the others. If your ego is in the way, it will stop your growth.
But if you have the mentality to be open minded and willing to learn some techniques all over again in the right way, you are assured of a life-long journey of knowledge within this traditional yet unique martial system.

Sunday started with a brainstorm meeting led by our Swedish group leader Marina Regner, where we worked out some topics to take the tradition into the future.
The afternoon the Calon group took the next step in technical skills under supervision of Ronald Hartman. Meanwhile Walter unified the lineage of Paul de Thouars and Dolf de Vries for the Murid group. Leading the first step on the road to Regu Madya.

A big thank you to all who make this journey with us.
You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start, train and repeat to be great.
Will it be easy? NO! Worth it? Absolutely!


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