Bukti Negara at 27th Hapkido Summer camp in Finland

Nearly 100 people gathered in Pori Finland for four days of training and graduation.
We were at the camp with four instructors and next to me were Rami Vainionpää, Timo Räkköläinen and Jaakko Huokkola.
Beside Hapkido techniques it was my task and honour to teach Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara. For me it was awesome to see that everyone really tried to understand the principles of Bukti Negara and dare to challenge their previous movement patterns. We shared different ideas and with an open mind I think almost everything is possible.
With the wonderful views it’s truely a nice experience to train at Yyteri beach, including building strong legs and keep the balance. Thank you all for your interest and curiosity. You made a very good impression, as always!

Marina Regnér
Kepala Regu, Göteborg Sweden

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