Once upon a time a man had a dream…
To share his passion and knowledge of the Indonesian style Serak
To share the fighting art Bukti Negara he created out of this style.

Once upon a time a man had a dream…
That one day someone would rise up and live out the true meaning of his Bukti Negara
That one day people will not judge by quantity, but by the quality of skills

Once upon a time, not that long ago, that dream became reality…
Walter van den Broeke, appointed by Bukti Negara’s founder Pendekar Paul de Thouars as technical advisor, unified that art with the Pukulan of the De Vries family.
With that a unique, efficient, short distance fighting system, considering multiple opponents was born.

May 6th and 7th the dream came true…
Joe Judt, Sigung Kuntao Silat, organised a US wide seminar at Counterstrike MMA in Chicago. Students from all sorts of disciplines and states came together and unified in their training. Old friends catching up, new friends were quickly made.

Walter explained and showed the importance of a strong, solid bases. That if you train the maximum and make it work, if you can do that, it becomes easier and you can work on everything and every type of opponent in between. He showed that you don’t need to learn a lot of techniques and fancy moves. What you do need is to think about what you are doing, to train to perfection. Then, with just a few basics, you can already create a lot of applications.

He showed that a Jurus that seems to have 6 or 7 movements, exist of many small movements in between that can be just as useful. Extent an arm, what goes forward can also grab something when pulled back, a kick that goes up is also a sweep when set back. The possibilities are almost endless!

As one of the participants mentioned:
” It answers the questions that have never been answered before and the questions I didn’t even know I had”

 It doesn’t matter whether you come from a different martial art background, Pukulan Bukti Negara can answer the questions about how to make things work. Even an experienced Muay Thai instructor who already earned his stripes learned something extra this weekend. If you are, like him, passionate enough to open up to new knowledge. That is what the dream was all about, to share good quality knowledge and unify people in the art.
A dream coming true!

“ There are exceptional people in the world and when they do what they do, it’s best you should go and see them do it. My friend Joe Judt told me this guy Walter van den Broeke was exceptional so I went to see him. Joe didn’t lie!

Now I am not really a Silat guy, Bukti Negara or any other Negara. Silat is my hobby martial art. I enjoy it when I do it and I think it’s great. But I’m not serious about it, sorry. I have been doing Boxing, Krabi Krabong and Muay Thai since the late 1970’s. I have been to Thailand to train over 20 times and have been training, teaching, coaching and learning all this time. So instead of evaluating what I saw from a Silat, I’ll talk about what I saw from the perspective of what I actually know.

First off, the scoring in Muay Thai is based on damage. And of course, damage is going to the prom with power.  Let me tell you Walter can hit, not in a, “let me give a demo” kind of way either. This guy has power to burn, at all times, in all directions. His uniform snaps every time he moves. Every time, he is not a beefy guy, it’s perfect form and it’s scary.
Now Muay Thai also places a premium on balance, never over extending, never getting out of position. The legends of Muay Thai I have trained under had this quality and so does he. At anytime you can take a picture and everything is lined up, where it is supposed to be and on point. Unlike some, Walter is very organized and systematic in his teaching. Ev
en his warm up is a program.

Boxing of course is punching and a true boxer has a very refined punch. I never really believed all roads lead to the same destination, yea I might be wrong about that. Walter has a crisp punch, in a Cuban Olympics boxing team kind of a way. It’s not a boxing punch but the principles are the same. Some things are easier to understand with Silat than other arts.

I’m even changing my upper cut; I never realized how much snap you could get in both directions. And no, there are no uppercuts in Silat. Now as to what people think Silat is all about, the diagonal lines on the floor, getting people off balance and dumping them, Walter did all that stuff.
(…) I learned a lot, people worked hard and it was a cool fun time, you should check it out!

– Ajarn Rick Sollo, Thailand certified instructorMuay Thai –

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