The theme of last weekend’s 12th groupleader convention was to pay a great deal of attention to the details. To be meticulous and precise, fill in all the particulars.

Allthough some unfortunately couldn’t join due to Corona-travel-policies, still 24 groupleaders and assistents stepped on the mat.

For the first time we were happy to welcome Jon and Mike Davidson from Seattle USA:

The Group Leader Seminar was a great experience from start to finish. It was inspiring to be involved with such a committed group of fellow martial artists. The chance to learn from Walter, Ronald, Ottavio and Stefano was well worth traveling 5,000 miles for. We improved our fighting skills, learned how to be better instructors, and had a great time in the process. – Jon Davidson and Mike Davidson – Seattle, WA USA

The luxury of four technical board members present made it possible to put a lot of attention to detail. Not only to improve once own technical skills, but also to improve the understanding of this wonderful and highly efficient fighting system. Ottavio showed the possibilities of connecting BN movements to functional training. How and why to train different muscle groups, fitness, mobility and balance, all related to the body mechanics and basic movements that form the foundation of becoming a skilled martial artist. Stefano and Ronald put the dots on the i’s with small groups, focusing on precision. It is not good enough if it works most of the time. You should be able to make it work always and on every opponent. And that means repeat, repeat, repeat. After all, practice makes perfect!

Teaching a group is not easy. There is a difference between telling and explaining. Copying movements is not the same as learning how to defend yourself. Still, all our groupleaders are that committed to the art that they stand, unschooled, in front of a class every week, some even multiple times a week. Chapeau! This groupleader convention we also spend time on teaching skills. A teaching model was presented that makes it possible for groupleaders to train a group in a very efficient way on different levels, where the groupleader himself has the opportunity to improve his own skills as well.

Walter closed the convention with pad training. Again, the main focus on precision and, also very important, equal effort form both the pad holder as well as the one hitting. Be fair and critical to each other. If it isn’t good enough, repeat until it is. Together you cross the t’s!


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