Bukti Negara Group Cologne is growing successfully!

The weeks before the seminar we had several registrations of new members of the Cologne Group.  This weekends challenge for Walter was to teach a mixed group… We had a lot of beginners and some more or less advanced beginners 😉
We were also pleased to welcome our BN friends from Heidelberg and Charleroi.

So, were to start? We began with the Jurus 1 for the beginners and proceeded to Jurus 2 – 5  according the individual skills.  Followed by some surprising applications of the Jurus movements.
After a short break all the inside and outside Entries of Calon level were taught with different options to follow up. The use of the platform was an eye-opener for some of us.

Walter explained that the hitting drills are the base for the proper timing of the advanced entries in Murid level. So back to Pukulan Drills 1 to 5. The application of these movements were shown and trained afterwards.  Their direct impact and efficiency is always surprising. Even if not seen for the first time.
Defense against Multiples was another challenge of the weekend. Moving yourself facing several attackers is for sure not an easy task.

 After the seminar our brains were full and the bodies exhausted. Everybody returned home happily and learned a lot.
Thank you Walter for your visit and  your patience!

Beste Grüße,
Kepala Regu, Cologne Germany

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