The weekend of November 25th and 26st was a special weekend for San Salvo’s Matjan Academy.
The weekend started with the examination on the Calon and Murid levels. It is important to know where we come from and where we stand now. To be aware of where we are going and what we have already reached.
Congratulations Fabio Gianfelice and Adriano Lacovone (Calon) and Guiseppe Di Tullio and Eugenio D’Ascenzo (Murid). Ready for the next step on this marvelous path.
In addition to Matjan’s own students, it was an invasion of Pentjak Silat practitioners from all parts of Italy, from Rome to Asti.
Contributing to the training and development of the Matjan Academy Martial Arts School, which is constantly seeking to improve through the periodic meetings with the best teacher of Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara in the international and national scene: the Technical Director, Walter van den Broeke.
During these two days, the theme of the seminar was connection: The participants experienced the connection between the technical levels. Walter focused in his teaching on the interface between CALON (base level) and MURID (middle level), focused on the principles that cross the border between these two, to mention the REGU MADYA (the advanced level).
The seminar has been so useful for all those who sought to improve both their own ability and the ability in the traditional, but still modern, combat system in its approach.
The two training days provided participants the opportunity to develop the skills that are typically acquired through intense training in martial arts: Faster responses, thanks to the study of biomechanical elements, geometry and timing. By providing these details through demonstrating the connections, participants got access to the understanding that is so important for the study of Martial Arts throughout practice.
The training philosophy has always been in relation to the basics, in this case the CALON level, demonstrating once again that in a realistic situation there is no need for imaginative movements to excel. It is about mastering the techniques of the basic movements from CALON, where MURID is just changing the quality of the execution.
I think there is a fighter in each of us, the person who knows how and why to fight for what he believes. For this reason, for all those who feel interested in learning an effective Combat System, a method of self-defence, natural and scientific system at the same time, I invite you to try a training of Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara, The Unified Art.
Ottavio Tramonte
Technical Board Member

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