Memorial Camp 2017 – San Salvo Italy

#It’s not just a style…it’s a lifestyle#


4 hours intense training in PDT Bukti Negara-the Unified Art mornings and afternoons, during four “Itinerant” training days, at four great outdoor places.

  • Day 1: Functional Training at the Fonte Fico vineyard, followed by an empty hand training in the principles of Bukti Negara, unifying uncle Paul’s training methods and uncle Dolf’s training methods.
  • Day 2: Training on the Punta Aderci beach (Nature Reserve), deepening the Bukti Negara principles, specifically on the training methods from both lineages, followed by ground fighting with those same principles.
  • Day 3: Training on the San Salvo beach and strengthening exercises in the water, followed by stick fighting with the same principles of the system.
  • Day 4: Training in the Don Venanzio forest (Nature Reserve), deepening the empty hand principles, followed by Kerambit training from the same principles of the system.

Some activities are organized for you in order to take full advantage of this exceptional experience; like hiking in nature reserves and a visit to a classic Italian vineyard with tasting of local products.

For reservation and more information you can contact:

Angelique de Bruin

BN Memorial Camp 2017

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