Was it easy? NO! Worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

There it was; The last 2 years of hard work and repeated training closed in 1,5 hour.
Big tension, the adrenaline rushing at high speed, burning muscles. But the most important: Concentrate, be focused! This is not the ring, we don’t use gloves. If you do it wrong, it will hit you.

Low breath, the heart pumping like a drum. But it all doesn’t matter. This is the moment. The moment to hit fast, hit strong and never give up. And we didn’t. We are proud that, after years of training, education and sacrifices, we made the transition to a higher level. We made the Murid examination with all we had and it was worth it.

– Fabio Alfano, assistent groupleader, Milan –

Congratulations to the students of Milan groupleader Stefano Chiappella. Who dared to take this test and showed a Murid examination with a capital M! Thank you for the excellent work and the great results.

Thanks to our teacher, Walter van den Broeke, who showed once again how complete this system is and how much lies on the road ahead of us.
When you find a good teacher, who makes the truth disrupt what you thought was right, what you thought were your certanties, don’t hassitate to follow him.
Let You Tube go, forget the forum, put the grades aside you had in other disciplines and follow him. All the way.
First the courage, than the technique.
You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Don’t forget that training today will make you be better than you were yesterday!


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