Our technical director, Walter van den Broeke, has had the privilege to be trained by teachers who had a vault of knowledge. These teachers unfortunately passed away and with them, a time span has passed.

Walter’s last teacher, Uncle Paul de Thouars, started developing a system (BN) that made it possible to spread the knowledge that was trained and kept within a small company of family and friends to bring it to a larger public. Since Walter shared his passion and had 35 years of training at that moment and experience within the same line of martial arts, oom Paul asked for his support in 2011 to spread the art of Bukti Negara. After oom Paul’s passing, Walter found it his duty and honour to continue the vision and mission of the uncles and share the knowledge and skills of the uncles.

The goal became to build a successful organisation, inspired by the wishes and as a tribute to the passed away uncles. The main goal and importance is to keep a high technical quality and provide practitioners not only the skills but also the knowledge and understanding, to maintain this cultural and sportive heritage.

Over the 40 years that Walter van den Broeke has been training and learning Pencak Silat, and to be more specific the Pukulan and Serak styles of it, he had the honour to be trained and be able to learn from most of the leading figures, teachers, uncles and from their students in these arts. From the very first beginning of his training, back in 1978, he documented all the arts and styles in all their variations that he has trained. Now 40 years later we dare to say that we hold a massive amount of knowledge in these Pukulan and Serak variations.

Pukulan Madura Combinasi was the style of the late Bp. W.L. Flohr. The name of this art was created in Holland in the mid 1970’s. It combined the styles Bp. W.L. Flohr learned from his different teachers in the Dutch East Indies and where his last teacher Bp M.A. Hoessin had a major influence in it. In the early days Bp. W.L. Flohr always referred to the name Pukulan without any additions. His art had no specific Jurus or langhkah’s and was taught depending on the personal level, experience, Martial Art background, interest, character, trust and training intent of the student.

Pencak Silat Pukulan Pecutan was created by Bp. W.L. Flohr to make his art suitable to be taught in a club or school format. This art was taught by one of Bp. W.L. Flohr’s assistants at that time, the late H.J. van den Broek, during the middle of the 1970’s till early 1980’s in Breda. After H.J. van den Broek took a different road, six of his students (D. Flohr, J. Joore, J. Schonenberg, A Buitenlaar, R. Volkert and Walter van den Broeke) came under the direct guidance of Bp. W.L. Flohr. The Pukulan Pecutan curriculum got improvements and several additions were added by Bp. W.L. Flohr.

Pukulan Pak Flohr Cabang Serak contains the updated Pukulan Pecutan curriculum. It was a name change for various reasons. The most important one was that the name of the founder Bp. W.L. Flohr got remembered and honoured. The addition Cabang Serak refers to Walter’s connection to this style.

Permainan Serak Uncle Ernest (Ventje) de Vries, was the art beside the Pukulan variation of the late Uncle Ernest (Ventje) de Vries, which he learned from his teachers Mas Djut and Mas Run.

Pukulan Pak Serak was the art of Uncle Dolf de Vries learned from his father Uncle Ernest (Ventje) de Vries. It consists of specific Pukulan Pak Serak Jurus which totally differ from as we call them, the  permainan jurus, Langkah’s and other specific forms and drills not to be mentioned here.

Permainan MDT Serak was the art of the late Uncle Maurice de Thouars which he learned from both Uncle Ernest (Ventje) and Uncle John de Vries. uncle MDT taught different variations to various pupils. we stick to the variation that was given and taught to Uncle Harry James de Vries during the 1980’s by uncle MDT.

Permainan PDT Serak was the art of the late Uncle Paul de Thouars which he learned from his Uncle John de Vries.

Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara was the art created by the late Uncle Paul de Thouars to share his knowledge of Serak to the world without breaking his promise to his uncle John de Vries.

Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara -The Unified Art- (BN) is the unification between two arts and three uncles; Uncle Dolf de Vries as head of the de Vries family and Uncle Paul de Thouars. This unification took place in Leiden, the Netherlands, in the summer of 2011. Uncle Dolf de Vries, Uncle Harry James de Vries and Uncle Paul de Thouars agreed to work together to share their arts with Bukti Negara as the carrier art. Uncle Paul de Thouars appointed Walter as the technical advisor of Serak & Bukti Negara.

As shown above, we have a teacher and technical director with over 40 years of training experience in Pukulan and Serak styles. Walter was trained by most of the leading figures in these arts.
With that there is a lot of skills and knowledge to learn from and to safeguard. This asks for an institute where it can all come together and old knowledge forms the foundation of new developments.

We chose the name Naga Kuning Institute because it refers to Walter’s foundation laid out by his teacher, Bp. W.L. Flohr. When Bp. W.L. Flohr started to teach his Pukulan in the social academy in Breda, The Netherlands back in the early 1970-ties he chose a school name: Naga Kuning.
The Naga Kuning Institute is the overall organisation where style, new programs, development and all the knowledge comes together.

Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara -The Unified Art- (BN) is and will be the main art that we teach. Walter will uphold his promise to his teachers and uncles, as it was their wish and promise to their teachers, that the Pukulan from Bp. W.L. Flohr and Serak in all its variations will be non-commercial arts. Taught in a closed-door environment to family and friends only. These arts will be taught after BN’s curriculum is completed or/and by invitation decided by character, trust and training intent of the student.


  • To retain a part of the Indonesian Cultural Martial Arts heritage and knowledge of the various systems
  • Pass along the technical knowledge and maintaining its quality
  • Create the possibility to make the systems more accessible to those interested
  • An institute for the education of teachers in Pencak Silat.
  • Our connection to the NPSF (Dutch Pencak Silat Federation) where we as an institute play an important role to promote Pencak Silat internationally.
  • Use the BN system as a solid base to create modules that are a valued addition to current day society.


Board members are essential to the organisation to ensure vision, mission and goals are upheld.


Let us enjoy and continue the journey. With each other we learn, we achieve, we grow!

General Board -Naga Kuning Institute-





Naga Kuning Institute is registered at the chamber of commerce in Breda, The Netherlands, date 1-10-2017

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