BN Memorial Camp 2017 – San Salvo Italy

A Memorial is a place or a sign to remember and honour people who shouldn’t be forgotten.
It is also a remembrance shared by persons who value the same memory to treasure. Because it’s unique and special to them and it unifies them in their joint passion.

This BN Memorial Camp people from all over Europe gathered together to share their passion of an unique, yet expanding, fighting system. Martial Artist from 7 countries, 13 cities’, trained together at 4 memorable locations to honour and treasure the unification of oom Dolf’s Pukulan and oom Paul’s Bukti Negara.
All brought together by the Technical Director, Walter van den Broeke, who manage, every time he teaches, to make you find new motions and possibilities in techniques you’ve trained a dozen times before.
These four days of intense training, led by our senior group leaders, Ronald Hartman, Stefano Chiappella and Ottavio Tramonte, left us a memory never to be forgotten.
Friendships, happiness, wonderful pictures and a bag filled with new knowledge.
A Memorial Camp that takes the tradition into the future!

Day 1: Fontefico Vineyard

“It’s not about how good you are, it’s about how good you want to be.”

Over fifty people of different levels, beginners and advanced, blended together in the serene surroundings of the Fontefico Vineyard with one goal: to become better today than they were yesterday.
Ottavio got the energy flowing by combining warm-up exercises with movements from the BN system in a good Functional Training. After which Ronald made the group experience the effectiveness, and difficulty, of a hit when combined with Kaki Nempel: “sticky feet”. Meaning that you always stick to your opponent in taking over his space and position. We got the meaning, but it sometimes felt like the first dance: feet stuck to feet…but not in a Kaki Nempel way!

Luckily we had the luxury of three senior group leaders patiently helping us out. Showing again that you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to become great. Practice makes perfect, and although perfection is still quit far away, together we managed to work it out.
We ended this already fantastic day with a very tasty glass of Italian wine from the vineyard and some nice bites. Three more wonderful days to go, we’re living the Bukti Negara dream!

Day 2:  Punta Penna Natural Reserve -Vasto
The Quiet Power

The secret of a good team is the right balance between the ones who operate in the spotlights and the quiet powers behind the scenes. The ones you don’t see or hear often, the reliable forces that keep the balance and always put the benefit of the team at first.
You don’t hear the quiet powers often, but when you do it makes sense. They didn’t become leaders because they like to be in the centre of attention or like to tell others what to do, but because they didn’t have a choice. Because they are driven by passion and what they think is the right thing to do. The kind of persons who don’t say much, but somehow tell it all.

He didn’t use many words, but our quiet power, Stefano Chiappella, told us all about using the same system when taking over the attack from the ground up. And in the way he moves, it all made sense: even when in a lower position, sitting or laying, the same lines count. The same constant forward pressure and use of timing and balance makes you capable of taking the balance and position of your opponent.
We worked so hard that holes got dug into the beach by twisting, turning, moving up and down and repeat!
Walter completed this second day by comparing and combining the Pukulan part with the Bukti Negara part.
A lot of hard work for both body and mind, cooled down with a nice dive in the Adriatic and refilled with pizza in great company!

Day 3: San Salvo beach
Lines in the sand part II

Hard work on the beach of San Salvo on this third day of the BN Memorial Camp.
We started with a Functional training by Ottavio Tramonte, who got every muscle ready to perform. After a 2km run along the beach, Ottavio found us a great spot in the bay where he combined strengthening and conditional exercises in and out of the water with BN movements. Ronald and Stefano set the dots on the i’s of the Pukulan drills.

Swiss group leader Adrien Rodriguez showed us the stick attacks and made it clear that the same lines count, with or without a weapon.
Walter connected all by pointing out that the principles stay the same: train to perfection, react on the move, not on the attack and trust your lines!
A week has 7 days, someday isn’t one of them! Make sure your foundation is strong enough to built on. After all, practice makes perfect!
And after a long day of intense training, it’s time to relax and have fun with your training mates. Lounge at a cocktail bar on the beach with nice food, good drinks and awesome people!

Day 4: Bosco di Don Venanzio

“One mind, any weapon” was the theme of the 2017 BN Memorial Camp.
Like Walter explained every day your mind is your strongest weapon. Fight smart; get the maximum result with a minimum of effort.

Unlike most martial arts, BN doesn’t claim to have an answer to an armed attack.
If you see a weapon, use your strongest weapon, your mind, and run.
But if you don’t have a choice, the answer is quit simple: Keep control! Follow the same principles of geometrics, physics and body mechanics that form the basics of the system.
Your technique stays the same, whether you take over empty handed, with a stick or a kerambit.
On this 4th training day Ottavio, Stefano and Ronald showed us, like in the introduction video, that everything comes from the basics.
Combine those movements and you have an almost endless number of strategies to choose from. Strategies that, as Walter showed, are effective in every context: against and also with the use of weapons.
That’s why it is so important to train to perfection, always give it your best and understand what you are doing. So your body and mind are ready whenever necessary.
Whatever you do, take your mind with you!

“When I strive to become better than I am, everything around me becomes better too”

On behalf of the technical board, thank you all for four great training days and the opportunity to share our knowledge and passion with you. It was an honour!
A special thank you to Ottavio Tramonte and his friends for welcoming us all in San Salvo. For the organization of four days of training at four wonderful locations and making our stay here memorable.

Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara
-The Unified Art-

“ It was a pleasure and an honour to have you as our guests! Magnificent team! Great men!
A special thanks to Ottavio Tramonte, organizer of this European event. Also thanks to the city of San Salvo, the major Tiziana Magnacca en alderman Oliviero Faienza.”

Ph Luciana Di Tullio
Hotel Eden, San Salvo

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