PDT Bukti Negara goes Termoli
Italian Iron with an Indonesian twist

Termoli, built on the oldest remains that where found of civilization, dated 600 Aflyer-termoliD,
is welcoming PDT Bukti Negara Europe. An Indonesian Martial Art built on a rich history as well.
On these solid grounds the Iron Gym of Termoli (CB), in view of its new opening, has established a co-operation with the Matjan Academy of group leader Ottavio Tramonte and his assistant Manuel Bonaduce.

PDT Bukti Negara, a self-defense system (close combat) is designed for actual combat in every situation, whether from a standing position or on the ground, against multiple opponents and occasionally using weapons.
Who sees or trains Bukti Negara for the first time is fascinated by the completeness of it; The knowledge within this system, which, in a martial way, is able to restore balance in body and mind.

The Functional Training (strength training) that is used in class trains the muscles in a way that is directly connected to the techniques. This makes it even more effective in every fight movement.

Matjan Academy, one of biggest and most important schools on Italian soil for Indonesian Martial Arts, is very grateful to the Iron Gym staff, Antonio De Sanctis and Valeria & Francesca Ciotoli, for inviting all interested people to a Free Open Training on Saturday 17 September.
We are looking forward to welcome you all and enjoy a sportive new start!

Angelique de Bruin
Coordinator management and communication
PDT Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara Europe

Open Training PDT Bukti Negara
Saturday 17 September at 17.00 pm
Iron Gym, Via Rio Vivo 31/a, Termoli

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