The Triangle of Learning
Three things Walter van den Broeke taught me

By Ottavio Tramonte

Last weekend Walter and I were occupied at Matjan Academy with the usual PDT Pukulan Bukti Negara seminar of November. We saw and discussed the intrinsic concepts of  the art of Serak that we can recognize in the Bukti Negara we now practice. With the understanding that in reality the differences are not really differences…

I have learned so many precious lessons in the 10 years I spent being a friend and student of Walter van den Broeke, but I think 3 of those lessons are so important yet so simple to everyone. Three lessons I came to understand better during these past days with Walter, who told me: “Pukulan Bukti Negara for me is to use your body in the most economical and efficient way, with the help of geometry and physics”.

1- Timing
“All comes from the mindset, react at the blink of the eyes”. The first time I heard Walter say this, a long time ago, I wasn’t really sure what I thought about it. It kind of made sense. I mean, I was training martial arts for more than 20 years – Judo and Submission, then Thai Boxing, Krav Maga and Filipino Kali-Eskrima – so in that sense I believed it.  But I couldn’t fight like I wanted with guys bigger than me, without much effort and problems.  I wasn’t sure about the efficiency of my standing techniques versus a wrestler, or for example my knowledge of ground play to an armed opponent. I have been a lot in sporting event “fights” but after my first training with Walter van den Broeke I realized that the right mindset is the most important thing. And up till now I see, day by day, how right he was!  I didn’t become much better straight after those words, but this gave me a way to improve myself constantly, which was my only desire.  What happened was that I realized my body does certain things intuitively and instinctually to protect myself without having to think about it. This natural and instinctive moving mechanism is hardwired into our body and is referred to as Body Mechanics. Walter merely showed me how to recognize that and use it. What changed was my mindset. Your MINDSET is the key.

2- Balance makes power
Walter van den Broeke has told me, and I have heard him tell this so many times at seminars full of people, that if you can walk, then you can to fight exactly like you walk. If you are defending yourself, you can’t miss any opportunity to be faster and more powerful than your opponent. And when you walk you are using something special to create this; you generate power and be naturally fast.
He talks about Balance.
Too often people think about hands or making rush movements with their arms. But if we pay attention to our legs, we have the correct body mechanics and the right use for every technique we choose. “The less effort you have to make, the faster and more powerful you will be.”

3- Distance makes planning
This is extremely important for me, because it relates and applies to all aspects of the system. It is also about your mindset to close the distance during an attack. Walter spends a good deal of time on Mindset Management. To my opinion, most of us never spend enough time to understand this in our training.
For me, when I have the right distance, I have so much more success following it. And I don’t spend as much time trying to do something more. Now when I see how to close the distance, I immediately make a plan. Sometimes that plan changes but making a plan in any and all scenarios in life is always good. Sometimes you can plan ahead but other times you get ambushed or caught off guard and need to make a decision in one second. This is such a huge paradigm shift for me. In any situation by making a plan I give myself control over the situation rather than the opponent controlling me.

Walter has devoted his entire life to the System of Pukulan. He always tries to train good players in the best way he can and open their eyes to the ability they already possess. As human beings we all can walk, move our hands together with our feet and use relaxation to be faster. This is a gift from Body mechanics.

At the end of the seminar Walter told us: “We owe it to our Uncles of the Lineage of PDT Pukulan Bukti Negara”. And with our Dutch teacher we need to recognize it and use it. Walter has refined, and made the “American version” of Bukti Negara more sophisticated with the permission of oom Dolf de Vries. Combined with his knowledge from 37 years of training the System he provides an understanding of the Art now known as PDT Bukti Negara Europe. We can properly name what we train with him, “The Unified Art!”

I have been learning from Walter van den Broeke since December 2006 and have been along with him on countless seminars. I am now helping Walter forming the PDT Functional Training and I couldn’t be more thrilled and honored to bring such an amazing Body training course to Silat players. I have a background in fighting forms of martial arts from before, but this has had one of the greatest impacts on my life, next to finding Pukulan Bukti Negara of Walter van den Broeke.  I strongly recommend you to attend training with him.

I really want to thank a few quests for the participation: Christian Cerrato of  Bukti Negara Group Asti, Simone Mondello and Pasquale Cesaro of Bukti Negara Group Rome, Tai Chi teacher Marco Morena and his student Giuseppe Lanuti (Pescara), the WTA teacher Daniele Trapanese (Termoli), and Lucio Romagnoli (Lanciano), player of Filipino Kali.
But the biggest thanks goes to him, the person who carries on a Martial Tradition in such a majestic way, the person that every single day is really behind our Matjan Academy, Walter van den Broeke. He is the one that deserves the biggest applause.


Follow the link and please check the schedule for upcoming events in your area in Europe and The United States (Unified).

This Art is a real lifestyle.
Pretending things aren’t going to happen to you won’t help.
Take action and take your personal safety into your own hands.

Ottavio Tramonte
Kepala Regu PDT Bukti Negara Europe San Salvo Italy
Owner of the Matjan Academy

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