seminar-sweden1Together we made PDT Bukti Negara Boot Camp an exceptional weekend in Gothenburg. We opened the doors on Friday and people gathered from Norway, Finland, England and Sweden to meet our teacher Walter van den Broeke for a weekend of hard training and deeply study the principles of Bukti Negara. One topic of the camp was to increase the mental focus.

You get what you wish for… Walter made us all work intense and hard and also planted a seed of mental state in our minds: “When he moves, you move”.


Almost exactly two years ago we started up our training group here in Gothenburg and this was our sixth camp with Walter. Every visit he not only gives us a new theoretic layer of understanding but a deeper physical awareness delivered by pain or effectiveness in his techniques as well. Within a good manner and enough pain for each and everyone’s limit. So that we all can help each other and continue to push our limits forward.


Tommy and Lars share their impressions of the camp:

“Under two years of training BN and working on the principles and body mechanics. Just getting a grip on it (I have a long way to go, I might add).This last seminar with Walter, I grasped the mindset or the spirit of the art. Man do I have to reset and change my way of thinking. Change is good but it will take great effort to do so after so many years of Budo…. Challenge accepted!!!!”
Tommy Rozas
Assistent Group Leader
PDT Bukti Negara Gothenburg

“It’s no doubt that Walter and the silat fighting system Bukti Negara really emphasize problem solutions that could appear in a real fight. From the first second to the last it was: when your opponent move you move. The movement should be really direct and out of line from your opponent.
To quote Walter: even money and that would be as I understand it when two people have the same advantage to throw punches or kicks. He lightens up the seminar with a big portion of humor and had a glimpse in his eye all the time. It is without doubt the best Martial arts seminar I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot seminars.”
Lars Sjögren
New student in Bukti Negara
Over 30 years experience in Wing Chun and Muay Thai


Huge thanks everyone for an outstanding weekend! This camp was really something extraordinary. Special thanks to our teacher for sharing his knowledge and show us how real training feels. 39 Years of training experience with his teachers and uncles makes all the difference.

Until next time, keep on studying and always stay curious!

Kind regards,

Marina Regnér
Group leader BN Europe, Gothenburg Sweden

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