Sweden Spring Camp reaches out to Scandinavia
Our friends and guests traveled from Norway and Denmark to join the BN Spring Camp in Gothenburg. BN Sweden is growing and the general awareness about the art is expanding in Scandinavia. A gathering like this is a good indicator of the growing interest.

Grading and pre-test with BN members
Before an open seminar there is always a possibility for BN members to test their skills, in other words, a grading. Our technical director, Walter van den Broeke, together with the local group leaders are measuring the progress of every member in the group. It’s always fun to see people with different backgrounds. We have people with extensive martial arts experience and we have people who never set foot in an environment like this before. The pre-test is a good example that BN suits all.
Two members, who only joined BN three months ago, could already follow the Calon level. They were trained by groupleader Marina Regner following the curriculum as showed in the BN training booklets.
Sweden shows once again that practice makes perfect!

Special request for this seminar was to see groundwork techniques used in BN. It was something special, even though it was new to many of us. The concept of  striking with precision and speed was now applied to feet and legs. The way BN uses and applies groundwork is the same type of hitting and body manipulation as standing up. But here the aim is to get up and stand up as soon as possible. Occasions where groundwork could be used is if you were already sitting down or slipped on something.

Growing club
It’s exciting to be apart of a traditional art with a good connection to modern day “brawl”. An art that teaches us how to be aware of the surroundings with different tactics and methods. We have an interesting time ahead, more and more people wanna learn this solid system.


Next camp will be in October, we hope to see you there.

All the best and stay strong,
Güngör, Kristoffer, Tommy & Marina
Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara Gothenburg



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