BN summer gathering in Gothenburg, Sweden
July 13th -16th
We gathered for four days in July to study Bukti Negara together with our teacher Walter van den Broeke. Our friend and group leader Byron Banton also joined from Rugby, England.
Our focus these days, was to understand how the student grades are connected and the red thread through Calon (beginner), Murid (student) and Regu Madya (advanced student). On each day Walter explained how each degree is based on each other and, above all, the importance of constantly return to the basics and understand them even better. To build an understanding of how the movements feel and how they work together.
These days clearly revealed that Bukti Negara is firmly assembled and that we can all track our mistakes and fix them. Also knowing that you can advance any level just by playing with the tools and challenge yourself.
Once again we got new eye-openers and we had an absolutely fantastic camp with so many details and a whole new perspective on things.
I would like to congratulate Lars and Hugo for successfully grade to Calon level. Well done!
We were lucky, “though we were in Sweden”, the weather was with us and we had sunny days during the outdoor trainings. On Saturday evening we had a barbecue at Tommy’s place, our best barbecue master!
Until next time on October 27th-29th, we will work even harder and better and continue to repeat and reflect.

Summer greetings,
Marina Regnér
Kepala Regu, BN Göteborg Sweden

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