The Unified Art! PDT Bukti Negara Europe seminar in Santa Cruz
September 24th & 25th 2016


By Joe Judt

In September of 2016, I traveled the 2,500 miles across the country in order to join my good friend and teacher Mike Roberto for a seminar with Walter van den Broeke. For those who don’t know who that is, or are subject to the unfortunate whining and crying of the terribly insecure on the internet, Walter is a long time practitioner of pukulan-based silat methods, and Pukulan Serak in particular. In recent years he was known for reaching out to Pendekar Paul De Thouars and at the Pendekar’s request, working to bridge the schools here in America, with the schools back in Holland whwalter-en-joe-scere Paul’s teachers who had continued to teach for decades after he left for America. Walter is a polite, funny and very confident man. Speaking as someone who has trained in numerous schools derived from the teachings of the De Vries family, his skill is apparent and speaks for itself. His teaching ability is as precise as his hitting skills – BMW could learn a thing or two from this man about precision. It is no wonder a man of Paul De Thouars’ experience chose Walter as the technical director of the new (unified) Bukti Negara!

This new blending of Bukti Negara from Paul De Thouars with the Pukulan the Dutch are famous for, is brilliantly assembled. I’ve seen some brilliant coaching structures in my day, this method provides one of the fastest, most intelligent curriculums I have ever seen. As long as you do the work. If boxing is the sweet science, Pukulan is the hi-fructose corn syrup of pugilistic skills. The logic of the training method takes old school traditional skills and puts them to work. As somebody who spent their youth in pre-UFC days fighting in San Da and bare knuckle contests in the back alleys of Chinatown, you can’t help but fall in love with this art. If you’ve played other variants of this method, it will fill in gaps or show you entire new possibilities.

If you haven’t played in this pool before, then you are in for a treat. The framework of this teaching puts everything into a very simple set of skills that are practiced with great sophistication. From a self-defense perspective, it delivers the kind of skills that most set defense schools think they do, but do not. From a martial art perspective – and this is the term I use for speaking of fighting skilled opponents, this particular Bukti Negara will address needs those of you without fighting experience (and even many of those who do) will never realize you have. This is a distilled, organized and effective training methodology. Built around Paul De Thouars genius, with the Pukulan put back in.

I realize this may seem somewhat unsubstantiated, as I am not describing exactly what I am talking about. Well, that’s the challenge of writing about something that should be experienkwartet-scced. so hop online and join your local BN practice group over seen by Walter van den Broeke or attend one of his seminars. Put some effort into what he’s teaching, be prepared to be coached -not just taught martial arts, and see for yourself what people trained for decades under the teachers who taught the teachers who came to America looks like. Come with an open mind, and a firm focus. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Why does my opinion matter? Well, Google me. I have lots of martial arts wallpaper, and am in great standing with all my teachers who proved to be honorable, truthful people. I’m looking forward to add Walter van den Broeke to that list. And I couldn’t be more excited! I could go on without ever taking another lesson from anybody – I’ve been at this that long. But when you have the door opened to gain the experiences of someone who freely shares his lessons learned from the families that held these arts for so long. Why not walk through? After all, you don’t know what you don’t know.

By Joe Judt,

Master Coach Combat Shuai Chiao,joe-judt-sc
Master teacher American KunTao Silat/Malabar Kuntao Silat,
Instructor Santa Cruz Silat,
Instructor Red Dragon Chu Ka,
Proud member and student of Walter v/d Broeke’s PDT Bukti Negara Europe.


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