Breda, September 30th & October 1st.

The 7th Group Leader Convention started off with the introduction of the new Technical Board.
Ronald Hartman, Stefano Chiappella and Ottavio Tramonte dedicated their lives for the past 10+ years to this unique art. They now have the honour to safeguard the knowledge transferred by their teacher, Walter van den Broeke, to treasure the high technical quality set by the uncles and guide the next generation on the marvellous path of Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara -The Unified Art-.

Four technical trainers are a true gift; it makes it possible to deepen and intensify the training with a lot of personal attention for every group leader and assistant. Divided in three levels, the perception of four teachers, from four different points of view, provides a rich experience.
It puts the dots on the i’s and makes us grow together.

The best way to finish a perfect training day of the best Indonesian Unified Art is having a great meal at the best Indonesian restaurant, Bali James. Pukul terus dan makan terus!
In this perfect culinary and cultural environment Walter had a meeting with the wife of the Dutch Indonesian Ambassador, the Secretary for Economic affairs of the Swedish Indonesian Embassy, Mrs. Wulandari, and the Chief of Mission of the Russian Indonesian Embassy, Mr. Simbolon. Since we share the same mission of preserving, our own part of, the Indonesian cultural heritage appointments were made to build a relationship.


On Sunday, we welcomed Olivier Blancquaert, chairman of the Dutch Pentjak Silat Federation. He emphasized the mutual interest for the groups to build a relationship with the embassies and Pentjak Silat Federations in their countries. Olivier will support the group leaders making contacts and familiarizing with the organisations of the different Pentjak Silat Federations.

Intensive training followed after that with the Calon group working on perfecting the basics of the system and the Murid group getting timing and flow into their techniques. The Regu Madya group were introduced to uncle Harry James de Vries’ style on Saturday and now worked really hard to make these principles their own. Combined with uncle Paul de Thouars’ King-of-the-hill, concerning multiple opponents, it was a weekend that got minds spinning and grit rising.

It’s a long, intense, hard, joyful journey and we are only just on our way. The passion for this unique, devastating art is what binds us, all of us, and with that the bond is a very strong one. With a skilled, experienced and wise teacher as Walter is, always challenging us to get more out of ourselves, we can all be great at what we do and love the most. Don’t just focus on the destination, let us enjoy and continue the journey.
With each other we learn, we achieve, we grow!

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