Innsbruck’s Introduction training in Pukulan Bukti Negara.

The past weekend we were invited by BN member Clemens Hager and Hamza’s Punch the Beat Academy
in Innsbruck Austria.
The participants were given an introduction training in Bukti Negara’s basics by our technical director,
Walter van den Broeke.

The delegation from Switzerland, Germany and Holland had a warm welcome and a nice training with great, motivated and hard working people.
Walter showed that the principles of Bukti Negara work for every person, tall, heavy, small in any situation.

“Unbelievable how hard such simple movements can be!” But if a 50 kg girl can get a twice as big guy down….you know you’ve found a system that actually works!
And Innsbruck has found it! A warm welcome to the new BN training group, led by Clemens Hager
and hosted by Hamza’s Punch the Beat Academy.

Keep the mind and spirit going??
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