Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara – The Unified Art (BN) has representative groupleaders and affiliated members in more than 13 European countries

Groupleader Seminar 2018

Experience an unique art

You can join one of the classes already operating under BN (go to groups). Groupleaders will teach classes towards their level and understanding in BN.  The classes are for students of every level.

Start your own

Experience this unique art by joining the Groupleaders program and increase your martial art standard.
Take your chance to learn, train and share your knowledge with your students. The Groupleaders program will give you a high level educational guideline and will bring you to a new and advanced understanding of the art.

All you need is five people with who you want to train and we’ll show you the rest!

You get your training from the Technical Advisor in BN and Serak appointed by Pendekar Paul de Thouars: Walter van den Broeke.
The BN Groupleader finds a suitable place to train and organizes the persons attending and the schedule of training. The Groupleader also schedules seminars.
You organize a BN seminar two times a year at your location to teach the curriculum. Then you work on that material with your Training Group.
All participants of a BN training group are required to be members of PUKULAN PENTJAK SILAT BUKTI NEGARA – THE UNIFIED ART. The annual fee for all members (including Groupleaders) is 52,50 a year.

This will provide them to the:

  • BN training booklets
  • BN Passports
  • Patches
  • Additional training information.
  • 2 Hours of closed door training prior to every seminar (FOR FREE)
  • Free examinations for the level gradings






The Groupleader joins the European Groupleaders Convention two times a year. This is a special event where all European Groupleaders meet, train and update their knowledge.
Reviewing and improving of knowledge and skills is always the main topic of these conventions.

Groupleaders Seminar 2017


If you want to know more about joining Bukti Negara, you can get in direct contact with us through e-mail.

Technical Advisor of Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara and Serak appointed by Pendekar Paul de Tho...

BN Groupleaders and Training Groups would need the following:

  • Safe and suitable place to train
  • Persons willing to train
  • One seminar every 6 months
  • BN Membership for each person, 52,50 per year (Groupleader and students)
  • BN training T-shirt

And finally off course people need the passion to train this beautiful martial art. If you are joining us to collect one more title, then you are better off joining another style. We earn our ranks with hard work and devotion so that we can be proud of being a member!

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