Seminar Strasbourg: C’est comme marcher!

Seminar Strasbourg: C'est comme marcher! By Erwin Guet, AKSVB – Association Kung Fu Shaolin Vu Ba Strassbourg France, March 7/8, 2020             On March 7th and 8th, we invited Walter Van Den Broeke to AKSVB – Association Kung Fu Shaolin VuBa - to supervise a Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara seminar in Strasbourg, France. The [...]

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s

The theme of last weekend’s 12th groupleader convention was to pay a great deal of attention to the details. To be meticulous and precise, fill in all the particulars. Allthough some unfortunately couldn’t join due to Corona-travel-policies, still 24 groupleaders and assistents stepped on the mat. For the first time we were happy to welcome Jon and Mike Davidson from […]

Trainingcamp Indonesia 2019

In about 1 month we will hold a combined training camp in Bandung Indonesia with Sera Jatihandap. I have met the Sera Jatihandap family 12 years ago for the first time and since then visited them every time i was in Indonesia. They where always “closed door” not open for outsiders and trained with friends and family only. Due to […]

Naga Kuning Institute

AN ORGANISATION IS BUILT Our technical director, Walter van den Broeke, has had the privilege to be trained by teachers who had a vault of knowledge. These teachers unfortunately passed away and with them, a time span has passed. Walter’s last teacher, Uncle Paul de Thouars, started developing a system (BN) that made it possible to spread the knowledge that […]

In Memoriam: Oom Jelle Dezentje

With sadness we have learned that Oom Jelle Dezentje, Kepala Aliran of Club Pukulan Pak Serak, passed away last night at the age of 63. We are sad about the passing of yet another uncle, someone dear to Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara. But we also feel fortunate to have known him and were able to learn from him. Oom Jelle had […]

Learn the connection!

The weekend of November 25th and 26st was a special weekend for San Salvo’s Matjan Academy. The weekend started with the examination on the Calon and Murid levels. It is important to know where we come from and where we stand now. To be aware of where we are going and what we have already reached. Congratulations Fabio Gianfelice and Adriano […]

Honoris Causa

What makes a person really special to other peoples lives? During our lives we all get to know people who think they are special. Luckily, we also get to meet people, very rare people, who are really special. Silently, from the background, they affect other peoples lives in a very positive way. San Salvo’s groupleader, Ottavio Tramonte, was affected this way by […]

Group Cologne Grows successfully

Bukti Negara Group Cologne is growing successfully! The weeks before the seminar we had several registrations of new members of the Cologne Group.  This weekends challenge for Walter was to teach a mixed group… We had a lot of beginners and some more or less advanced beginners 😉 We were also pleased to welcome our BN friends from Heidelberg and Charleroi. So, […]

Unified we stand, together we grow

Breda, September 30th & October 1st. The 7th Group Leader Convention started off with the introduction of the new Technical Board. Ronald Hartman, Stefano Chiappella and Ottavio Tramonte dedicated their lives for the past 10+ years to this unique art. They now have the honour to safeguard the knowledge transferred by their teacher, Walter van den Broeke, to treasure the […]

Welcome Charleroi!

A very warm welcome to Raimondo Scifo and his group from Charleroi, Belgium. It is an honour to have them joining our organization and creating the possibility for students around Charleroi to train this unique martial art. September 3rd 2017,  the first Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara -The Unified Art- (BN) seminar was given in Charleroi by our Technical Director, Walter van den […]

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